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Gourmet bike tour with views | Kressbronn a. B.


2:00 h
0 km

This half-day tour leads into the hilly Bodensee hinterland to places away from the tourist streams. Beautiful places to stop.

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2:00 h
0 km

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / culture

Path condition

10 % Nature trail
30 % Asphalt
30 % Gravel path
0 % Other


From the train station Kressbronn a. B. we ride along the Seestraße to the former Bodan shipyard with a new promenade. Past the campsite to Tunau and further through one of the largest campsites on the lake to the port Ultramarin. The bridge across the Argen leads to Langenargen to the BMK marina with the Institute for Lake Research, Fish Hatchery and Fishery Research Center. At the Malereck in Langenargen you can stop and then continue to the train station in Langenargen. From there it goes on the so-called Promilleweg to Oberdorf. Immediately after the place-name sign turn right towards Argen to the Red Bridge and then left along the Argen to Gießenbrücke. Passing Gießen Castle uphill towards Heiligenhof. There you can see the hill of the former castle of the Celtic order. Then through the woods towards Unterwolfertsweiler, where the open landscape of the Drumline is at its best. Further on to Schleinsee and Wielandsweiler, where you can stop for a bite to eat at Gasthof Traube. Then between Schleinsee and Degersee through Wettis, Bechtersweiler to Landhotel Martinsmühle. There a short break at the petting zoo. Now it's not far to Unterreitnau to the plague cemetery. Between Rickatshofen and Hengnau under the B31 towards Selmnau, ascent to the Antonius Chapel with its sightseeing and panoramic view of the lake and mountains. Kressbronn is reached via the Mittelmühle.