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Höchenschwand, 11 villages trail


6:00 h
17.5 km

Höchenschwand. The 11 Village Trail connects the 11 villages of the Höchenschwanderberg in a charming alternation between field, forest and villages.

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Tour details

6:00 h
17.5 km
Highest point
984 m


11 Villages Trail

Together they form the municipality of Höchenschwand. As a hiker you are mostly on the way on historical local connecting paths.


The special charm of this 17.5 km long hiking trail lies on the one hand in its geographical location on a high plateau of the southern Black Forest at 700 to 1000 m above sea level and on the other hand in its varied route through woods, fields and villages as well as heights and valleys. On the free, sunny stretches of road you will be spoiled - especially in autumn - by its fascinating alpine view and pleasant temperatures.

Discover the "village in the sky" for yourself

The 11 Village Trail consists of four stages:
1st stage:Hiking parking "new cemetery" - Kreuzstein - Strittberg (2.5 km)
2nd stage:Strittberg - Segalen - Ellmenegg - Attlisberg (4.5 km)
Stage 3:Attlisberg - Unterweschnegg - Tiefenhäusern (5.6 km)
Stage 4:Tiefenhäusern - Oberweschnegg - Frohnschwand - Heppenschwand - hiking car park "new cemetery" (4.9 km)
Trial route via Amrigschwand (7.1 km)

The following abbreviation possibilities exist:

From Strittberg in the direction of Amrigschwand. From Amrigschwand take the road towards Attlisberg.
From Attlisberg direction Heppenschwand.

Experience and discover individually

The 11-Dörfer-Weg can be started at any point; an interruption is also possible at any time. We recommend that you start the 11 Villages Trail from the "New Cemetery" car park in the direction of "Kreuzstein".
If you study the route more closely, there are other interesting combinations to discover. Depending on your personal inclination, you can put together different sections of the 11-Dörfer-Weg to form an interesting hiking trail.

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