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2:30 h
7.5 km
487 m
487 m

The most prominent landmark of Bad Urach, the ruined castle of Hohenurach, is certainly the highlight of this route, however the stunning views of the cliffs ‘Hanner Felsen’ and the pathways through lush mixed forests complete the hiking experience and are more than worth the effort.

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2:30 h
7.5 km
487 m
487 m
Highest point
744 m
Lowest point
456 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / culture

Path condition

55 % Nature trail
8 % Asphalt
37 % Gravel path
0 % Other

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The Hohenurachsteig route takes us on rich path through the fantastic scenery of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Swabian Alb. The hike starts with a demanding ascent, up to the Hanner Felsen cliffs. Your efforts however will be rewarded with unique views of Bad Urach and the surrounding landscape of the Swabian Alb. Through narrow forest paths and a meadow we continue to Eppenzillfelsen cliffs where we spy the Urach waterfall and the ruins Hohenurach in the distance. From the highest point of the trek we follow a narrow path along the edge of the slope to Kreuzhütte, a small hiking hut. To get to the landmark Hohenurach, we need to hike the final steep ascent to the 692 meter high ruins. Once within the old Fortress there are numerous niches to be explored and stunning panoramas to enjoy.

Directions: The starting point is the Park & ​​Ride car park (P&R8) at the train station in Bad Urach. Follow the signposted trail upwards into the forest in the direction of the Höhenfriebad (outdoor swimming pool). You will find a wayfinding sign complete with map and route and at this point keep left, following the slightly sloping middle path to Tiergartenweg. Continue along until you reach a nature trail branching off to the right. Just before the hairpin curves of the Hanner walkways, take a sharp right onto another curvy path walking uphill to the cliffy headland viewpoint of Hanner Felsen. Here we can enjoy the beautiful view of Bad Urach, which accompanies us along the route. Nestled amid the lush green of mixed forest, the path takes us through some meadows south to Eppenzillfelsen, where we glimpse the Urach waterfall and the ruins of Hohenurach in the distance. At this point we are approaching the highest point of our trek, a narrow path along the edge of the slope to Kreuzhütte (a small hiking hut) and the final ascent to the 692 meter point. Once arrived, enjoy the panoramic vista from the Hohenurach ruins, then follow the steep return path down into the Seltbachtal valley, our destination is the hiking car park (P19) and the Youth hostel. Take a sharp left and walk through the woods back to our starting point at the Park & ​​Ride car park at the train station.

Author's recommendation

After your hike, you are only a short stroll from the historical half-timbered marketplace of Bad Urach, where there are a variety of opportunities to eat well and sample the local Swabian culinary delights.


Sturdy footwear and surefootedness is recommended for this tour.

Safety information

Please note, the Grafensteigen routes are hikes and not strolls! Sturdy footwear and surefootedness is recommended for all tours. In particular, please be cautious during and after rainfall as the limestone rock and soil, especially on an incline, can be very slippery.

In an emergency dial 112. Where necessary, make the emergency services aware that the injured persons are located in inaccessible terrain, so that the mountain rescue Bad Urach can be alerted and there is no loss of time needed in the rescue.

All along the signposted routes you will find plaques with your exact location number on them. These numbers are known in the emergency control center and will help to speed up rescue times, please reference them when making an emergency call.

Planning and arrival

Starting point

Park & Ride car park at the train station Bad Urach

From Reutlingen on the B28 to Bad Urach. From North /East on the A8 to Kirchheim unter Teck and then on the B4465 and then B28 to Bad Urach.


Park & Ride car park at the train station Bad Urach

This is a circular trail.