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Lynx trail


3:00 h
4.5 km
75 m

In the footsteps of the lynx

The Lynx Trail is the perfect tour for explorers and an adventure for the whole family.

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3:00 h
4.5 km
75 m
Highest point
777 m
Lowest point
710 m

Specifics of the tour

geology / fauna


The 4.5 km trail is a great nature experience for everyone who enjoys hiking, and appeals to families with children in particular, thanks to the fun entrance and the entertaining.

Don´t miss the lynx hut at the starting point for information and where the wildcat´s call will put you into the right mood for the trail. Numerous interactiv stations are awaiting you alongside the path through the forest, where children can observe, listen, prowl, leap and guess, whilst adults enjoy the largely unspoiled nature, read the information boards with their short and simple texts, and help children with the quiz. Highlights include telescopes with a view of potential prey, an ear trumpet with animal noises and a long and high jump facility.

The trail is narrow and occasionally rocky. We estimate that the whole route will take around four hours, including a break at a specially installed rest area at the halfway point.

The Lynx Trail was opened in 2009 and leads through woodland in which lynxes would feel right at home. Although this beautiful and shy big cat is occasionally spotted in the Black Forest it is not yet quite at home within the region.

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