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Panorama Trail


4 Stages
12:00 h
45.4 km
1420 m
1420 m

Discover the "Number one" of Germany`s most beautiful hiking trails - the "Panoramaweg" in Baden-Baden. Fantastic views await you on the premium trail around Baden-Baden on 4 varied stages.

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12:00 h
45.4 km
1420 m
1420 m
Highest point
668 m
Lowest point
161 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / flora / culture / fauna


Experience our award winning hiking trail the "Panoramaweg" around the beautiful city of Baden-Baden.

A new route, more things to see, even more spectacular views - Baden-Baden's exposed hiking boulevard has been completely redesigned to make it look young, unconventional and incredibly exciting. . . WALK NEW WAYES, breathe in the pure nature, have fun, look across the country, test your limits - and then discover an inspiring city like Baden-Baden with all its diverse offers.

The famous "Panorama Trail" now presents itself fresher, more attractive, modern and charming. The "Panoramaweg" redefines itself as "sightseeing of the intensive kind with a sporty touch".

Natur, culture and experience are mixed together to form an inspiring cocktail of enjoyment that you should simply treat yourself to - because hiking in Baden-Baden is much more than just getting around. . .

Here you will find all information about the four sections:

Stage 1: Kurhaus to Merkur cable car station

Stage 2: Merkur cable car station to "Forellenhof" (trout farming)

Stage 3: Forellenhof to Geroldsauer Mühle

Stage 4: Geroldsauer Mühle to Trinkhalle (pump room)

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Safety information

Planning and arrival

Starting point

Start: Kurhaus Baden-Baden

The starting point is at the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. Divided into 4 stages, the hikers can combine the individual stages according to their physical condition and the weather or walk them in a different order and independently of each other.

As all starting and finishing points can be easily reached by public transport on the Baden-Baden bus line and the Karlsruhe public transport system, even the journey is environmentally friendly and without stressful traffic.


The whole round tour of approximately 45 km will take you back to where you started at "Kurhaus".

The first leg ends at the Merkur Mountain cable car station.

To return to the city centre you can take the bus lines 204 and 205.

The second leg ends at "Forellenhof" and bus 201 will take you back to the city center.

You will finish the third leg at "Geroldsauer Mühle" and to return to the city you can take the bus lines 245 or 204.