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Panorama Trail Part 4: "Geroldsauer Mühle" to "Trinkhalle" (pump room)


4:00 h
13.2 km
400 m

Shady forests, fantastic views and fragrant roses - all this and more awaits you on the fourth stage of the Panorama Trail.

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4:00 h
13.2 km
400 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / culture


From the „Geroldsauer Mühle“, take the Laisenbergweg in the direction of the Leisberg. The shady paths lead westward to the shelter "Gelbe Eiche". Continue on the forest path to reach the „Louisfelsen“ at 415 metres above sea level, where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over Baden-Baden. On a hot summer day you will particulary enjoy the following part within the shady woods to the „Lachehütte“

At the Lachehütte, the Panorama Trail continues to the right along the "Pfeiferfelsweg" in the direction of the "Waldhaus Batschari", a forest hut made of stone and wood, which invites you to take a short break with its spacious interior and benches. From the terrace of the hut you have a wonderful view of the old town of Baden-Baden, the New and the Old Castle and the Battert Rock. Also at the Korbmatt rock, a little later, there are more beautiful views of the southwestern part of the city. Via the "Waldeneck" the path continues in the direction of the "Korbmattfelsenklinik".

At the Korbmattfelsenklinik, cross the road towards bus stop „Tiergarten“ and follow the path in direction to the „Rosenneuheitengarten.
On your path downwards through the forest you will pass the remote and quiete forest lake and at some times of the year the next highlight of the Panorama Trail is already announced from afar by a beguishing fragrance.

Take the time and the advantage of the opportunity to admire the multitude of rose blossoms. The rose novelty garden on the Beutig is open from mid-April to mid-October but the month of roses is clearly June. (Entrance fee: € 1,00 per person)

After the "Rosenneuheitengarten" return to the hiking path and turn to the right towards „Friesenberghütte“.Continue on the path until you reach the Romanian Orthodox Stourdza Chapel with its golden dome.

The last stretch goes downhill the Michaelsberg with its impressiv sequoia trees untill you finally reach the Trinkhalle which impresses visitors with a beautiful covered walkway alongside colourful historic wall paintings.

From here, you can already see the bright white pillars of the Kurhaus, which indicate the end point of the Panorama Trail.