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Sunny way


1:30 h
13.24 km
4664 m
1886 m
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1:30 h
13.24 km
4664 m
1886 m
Highest point
335 m
Lowest point
228 m

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Path condition

0 % Nature trail
88 % Asphalt
11 % Gravel path
0 % Other


This tour starts in the village“Zunzingen“. The best way to enjoy this idyllic tour through the wine region is on sunny days over the sunny way through the villages “Britzingen”, “Sulzburg”, “Betberg” and “Buggingen”.


Follow the cycling path towards the village “Britzingen”. This village is a district of the town “Müllheim” since 1974 and has 1400 inhabitants. It has many places of interest like the church “St. Johannes” or the rest of the castle “Neuenfels”, which is not easy to spot though. Drive past the church and the cemetery of “Britzingen” and continue driving towards the village “Laufen”. Turn left before the street towards the village “Muggardt”.

The way towards “Laufen” leads you through the vine yards. Take a right into the country lane at the first left turn in “Laufen” and keep following this path for about 1 km. Take a left at the end of the little hill you’ve reached now. To you right you see the village “Sulzburg” which is little spa village with much history like a Jewish cemetery or the old church “St. Cyriak”.

Take a left towards the village “Laufen” here and then cycle towards the village “Betberg”. You will have an amazing view over the wine region. Take the street towards “Buggingen” and keep following this. You will get onto a cycling path towards “Dattingen/Zunzingen” and drive past a water collecting pond until you reach the starting village “Zunzingen” again.