Cycling tour • One way tour

Through the country


2:30 h
22.4 km
222 m
222 m
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2:30 h
22.4 km
222 m
222 m
Highest point
335 m
Lowest point
216 m

Path condition

0 % Nature trail
93 % Asphalt
6 % Gravel path
0 % Other


This tour starts in the village “Hügelheim” and crosses the country. You will ride over the villages “Dattingen”, “Laufen”, “Sulzburg”, “Heitersheim” and “Buggingen” and see the interesting and diverse landscape of the margravian country.


The tour starts at the butcher shop “Brunner&Rüdin” in the village “Hügelheim”. Follow the cycling path towards the villages “Britzingen/Dattingen” past the historical church of “Hügelheim”. You have to drive up a pretty steep hill on which you’ll find a French military drill ground.

But once you’ve reached the top the way down towards the village “Dattingen” is very joyful. In “Dattingen” keep following the cycling path towards the village “St. Ilgen” and stay on the left side to be able to get directly towards the village “Laufen” afterwards.

In “Laufen” the market garden of the countess “Zepellin” is worth a look at. Stay left throughout the village past the basic school and follow the wine way up the hill. Once you’ve reached the hill you can take a break and take a look at the wonderful sight over the wine region of the margravian country. Then continue driving towards the village “Sulzburg”. This village is a little spa resort and also has much history. Continue your tour by taking the cycling path towards the village “Heitersheim” passing through the village “Ballrechten- Dottingen”. You have to turn left at the sports ground guesthouse and follow the cycling path along the creek “Sulzbach” which will lead you through the village “Heitersheim”. Here you have to turn left at the roundabout and turn into the street “Grießheimer Weg”. Follow this street towards the fields and turn left at a big farm in order to cycle towards the village “Buggingen”. In “Buggingen” you can visit a museum about coal mining and then cycle towards the end of your tour.