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Vineyard Trail Eckberg - Schafberg


1:30 h
4.38 km
150 m
150 m

The vineyard trail connects the vineyards Eckberg and Schafberg - two beautiful, historical monastery vineyards – and highlights the long tradition of viticulture in Baden-Baden.

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1:30 h
4.38 km
150 m
150 m
Highest point
334 m
Lowest point
182 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / flora / culture / fauna


On the sunny side of Baden-Baden

This circular route is an initiative of the Knapp family, who run the youngest vineyard in Baden-Baden on historical ground. In addition to the magnificent vineyards, you will find further attractions between shady forests and sun-kissed landscapes:

1. Marienkapelle

With its magnificent location on the Eckberg, the Marienkapelle offers the perfect place for a little time out. From here you have a magnificent view of the "Laisberg" and the "Fremersberg" on it´s  right hand side and a bit further along the path your view even reaches France. In 1808 Bernhard Heck donated the small chapel in honour of the Virgin Mary to whose intercession he attributed the healing of a serious illness.

2. Eckhöfe

The following path leads to an old hamlet: the „Eckhöfe“, a small settlement of former farmhouses, which were under the fiefdom of the monastery Lichtenthal. The historical construction of the farmhouses with barn and stables under one roof is still recognizable today. The further route leads you above the arboretum towards Schafberg.

3. Arboretum

An arboretum (lat. arbor "tree") is a collection of freely growing, diverse, often exotic woody plants, similar to a botanical garden. The arboretum was created by the tree nursery of the Eberts family, which is why it is only accessible by appointment.

4. Schafberg

The Lichtenthal Monastery, founded in 1245 by Margrave Irmgard, received the Schafberg and the Eckberg as a means of subsistence. A „Schaffner“ (mid-high German for administrators) was employed to supervise the work in the vines – that´s where the name originated. From the Schafberg you continue towards Lichtental, encountering some very nice panoramic views over the countryside. including the Church of St. Bonifatius, which was built between 1865 and 1869 a little above Lichtental on a hill of red sandstone. The architect was the grand-duke’s building inspector Carl Dernfeld, who also built the Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden’s spa district.

5. Silberbuckel (Silver Hump)

Uphill it goes alongside the "Silberbuckel" towards "Marienkapelle where we started our tour. Here Riesling grapes and the "Grüner Veltlinger" (a special white wine) are growing and an information board provides interesting knowledge about the surrounding flora and fauna as well as fascinating panoramas.