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W05 - From the Argen to the Jakobsweg | Kressbronn a. B.


4:00 h
18 km
274 m
274 m

Long but easy circular hike around Kressbronn a. B.

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4:00 h
18 km
274 m
274 m
Highest point
500 m
Lowest point
393 m

Specifics of the tour


Path condition

10 % Nature trail
60 % Asphalt
30 % Gravel path
0 % Other


From the train station along the tracks to Seestraße, turn right and follow Seestraße down to the lake. Along the Bodanstraße, past the natural swimming pool to Tunau and from there through the campsite along the Ultramarin harbour to the Argen. A detour to the left leads to the mouth of the Argen into the lake (great viewpoint).
The hiking trail leads back to the Pioniersteg and then straight on along the Argen to Gießenbrücke. Turn right in the direction of Giessen Castle and pass the castle on the steep tarred road up to Heilighof. At first in the direction of Unterwolfertsweiler, a hiking trail soon goes up on the right and leads along the slagheap back down to the district road. There, a few hundred meters to the left, the trail turns right again into the forest and leads through the forest to Atlashofen. There you undercross the B31 and go through the houses via Hüttmannsberg down to Gattnau. From there you walk over the Nunzenberg back to Kressbronn on Lake Constance.

Author's recommendation

Hike described in the hiking book "Schwäbischer Bodensee"


light hiking equipment