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Walking through the landscape


2:00 h
21.7 km
229 m
229 m
This tour leads you through the vineyards of the margravian country where you can enjoy an amazing view over the Rhine valley and the mountain “Blauen”. With a little luck on the weather you will also be able to see the Voges.
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2:00 h
21.7 km
229 m
229 m
Highest point
320 m
Lowest point
227 m

Specifics of the tour


Path condition

0 % Nature trail
91 % Asphalt
8 % Gravel path
0 % Other





The tour begins at the Tourist Information of the town „Müllheim. Standing on the car park behind the Tourist Information you start by turning right in to the street “Östliche Allee” until you reach a roundabout. Take the second exit and follow this street towards the village “Hach” for about 130 meters. Turn right into the “Auggener Weg” and keep driving straight. At the end of the street where houses are sparse you can turn right into a country path. Keep following this path until the next cross- way and turn right on the path towards the village “Hach”.

After walking through this village founded by vine growers you follow the left street which will lead you towards the town “Auggen”. From there you follow the main street up the hill until you reach the cemetery. From there you follow the street through the vine yards towards the village “Mauchen”.

Once you’ve reached the village “Mauchen” you continue following the street until you passed through it and reached the next cross- way. Here you continue driving straight towards the village “Schliengen”. Here you follow the street “Eisenbahnstraße” crossing through “Schliengen” until you reach the train station. There use the underpass to get onto the other side of the railway which leads you through the Rhine valley. You can see the next stop of our tour from here: The village “Steinenstadt”.

Once you’ve reached this next goals main street drive straight towards the village “Neuenburg”. Turn right on the gravel pit here and drive towards the industrial district of the town “Müllheim”. The tour is almost finished now. The way back is a comfi cycling path passing the train station and after about 2 km you can drive through the pedestrian zone until you reach the Tourist Information of “Müllheim” again.