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3:00 h
10 km
511 m
510 m

The Urach waterfall alone is an experience, but when coupled with magnificent views from the rocky outcrops of Rutschenfelsen and the second, equally spectacular Gutersteiner waterfall, the whole tour becomes a must-see.

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3:00 h
10 km
511 m
510 m
Highest point
774 m
Lowest point
447 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / flora / fauna

Path condition

42 % Nature trail
6 % Asphalt
52 % Gravel path
0 % Other

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This circular Wasserfallsteig route combines two impressive waterfalls, situated within the unique natural landscape and scenery of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb.

The waterfall trail takes us into a kind of jungle wilderness that highlights the small wonders of nature and lets us temporarily escape everyday life. Following the steep path to the Alb plateau and continuing along the edge of the Alb we feel a sense of freedom and are rewarded for our efforts with vast and breathtaking views… What makes the Wasserfallsteig route so special is the contrast between the valley and plateau; light and shadow; woods and meadows; near and far; activity and peace, flat and hilly all set between water and earth!

Directions: The starting point is the Maisental car park for hikers (P23) at the foot of the Schlossberg, from there we walk alongside the meandering Brühlbach river into the valley of the same name. On the way through the meadows we enjoy the romantic landscape and the lush green of the trees, till we begin hear the roar of the Urach waterfall from afar. At the end of the valley we follow the nature trail up a stone staircase, alongside the biggest waterfall of the Swabian Alb. Following a snaking route we continue climbing up to the high meadows, where a where a well-deserved rest is rewarded with spectacular views.

Refreshed we climb the steep Ameisenbühl incline on a nature trail and marvel at the dramatic rocky Rutschenfelsen cliffs opposite, which is our next destination. Taking the path parallel to the slope along the dramatic geological landscape, we take in the fantastic views over the Maisental valley and over the surrounding hills. Follow the path continuing over the plateau, we cross the "Rohrauer Hütte" and we reach a farm track and the beginning of the famous Marbach stud estate. Directly in front of us we can rest at a picnic area before crossing through the stud farm, along the signposted route.

A natural stone path sweeps through the woods down to the former Charterhouse Güterstein, past the Gutersteiner waterfall, until the foot of the slope. We turn first right, then immediately left and walk on a path towards Bad Urach through the orchards of the Maisental valley. Finally, we turn right onto a farm road, taking us around the vast paddock and then leading back to our starting point, the car park Maisental (P23).

Author's recommendation

After hiking you can unwind in the spa baths of the AlbThermen: soothe sore muscles in 32 to 38 degree mineral springs, or relax in the sauna and wellness area – a perfect relaxing end to the day!


Sturdy footwear and surefootedness is recommended for this tour.

Safety information

Please note, the Grafensteigen routes are hikes and not strolls! Sturdy footwear and surefootedness is recommended for all tours. In particular, please be cautious during and after rainfall as the limestone rock and soil, especially on an incline, can be very slippery.

In an emergency dial 112. Where necessary, make the emergency services aware that the injured persons are located in inaccessible terrain, so that the mountain rescue Bad Urach can be alerted and there is no loss of time needed in the rescue.

All along the signposted routes you will find plaques with your exact location number on them. These numbers are known in the emergency control center and will help to speed up rescue times, please reference them when making an emergency call.

Planning and arrival

Starting point

P23 Maisental

From Reutlingen on the B28 to Bad Urach. From north / east take the A8 to Kirchheim unter Teck and then the B465 and the B28 to Bad Urach. Parking is next to the B28 by the train station stop, Bad Urach Waterfall, on the car park Maisental (P23).


P23 Maisental

This is a circular trail.

Refreshment stops available