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Yburg Trail


3:01 h
17.66 km
684 m
684 m

pure exitement for all mountain bike enthusiasts

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Tour details

3:01 h
17.66 km
684 m
684 m
Highest point
496 m
Lowest point
231 m

Path condition

23 % Nature trail
9 % Asphalt
66 % Gravel path
0 % Other

Tour signs

The challenging eight shaped trail through the surrounding „Rebland“ offers everything on mountain biking that lets the pulse rise and makes a lot of fun:

On steep paths you climb up hill, while sweeping paths wind down the "Yberg" (Yburg mountain). With crisp ups & downs you collect plenty of altitude meters, ride mostly through forest and pass Baden vines.

If you experience a lack of energy or dehydration - in the Yburg already knights came back to strength.

Author's recommendation

Endurance heroes combine Yburg- and Leisberg-Trail to one great trail.