Vacations are all about relaxation, enjoyment and culture. And you can do all three at the same time in the Odenwald, with its unique landscape and wide-ranging cultural programs.

Flacher See im Odenwald. Im See liegen einige große Steine. Im Hintergrund ist ein dichter Wald.
Ausblick über einen Fluss und Felder im Odenwald. Im Hintergrund sind bewaldete Hügel. Über den Feldern liegt Nebel.

Odenwald: a natural paradise

The Odenwald is green, a natural paradise that is just right for hiking and biking. Cyclists can choose between three famous trails that follow rivers and deep valleys: the Drei-Täler (Three Valley Trail), the Grünkern (Spelt Trail) and the Skulpturen (Sculpture Trail). On one-day hikes or longer walks, you can enjoy glorious beech woods and picturesque landscapes. Go fishing on the Hollersee lake, try canoeing on the Neckar River, go zip lining through the trees on one of the three courses in the region; or just explore the Neckar-Odenwald Nature Park.

Grand castles, beautiful palaces

Visit some of Germany’s most romantic castles. Between Heilbronn and Heidelberg is the biggest and oldest castle in the Neckar River valley: Burg Hornberg. Once a forbidding fortress, it is now a hotel surrounded by vineyards. One of the most beautiful fortresses on the Neckar is the romantic Schloss Zwingenberg, home of Ludwig, Prince of Baden. On a prime site on a bend in the river, it hosts an open-air opera festival in summer. Also lived in for 600 years is Burg Guttenburg, a castle with a commanding view over the River Neckar valley.

Time for dinner!

In the Odenwald, chefs are proud to prepare regional dishes, featuring the best locally-grown produce. Enjoy restaurant weeks devoted to local lamb and game, as well as potatoes and wild garlic! And the best way to finish a fine meal is with a small glass of Odenwälder Kräuterwurz, a schnapps made from local herbs.