Cycle Vacations


Explore SouthWest Germany’s outstanding countryside by bike, using the Radstreckennetz, the region’s extensive network of trails dedicated to cyclists.

Cycling holidays in SouthWest Germany

Everyone in SouthWest Germany loves to cycle. And that should be no surprise. After all, Carl Drais invented the bicycle right here 200 years ago! But for holidaymakers, there is a bonus: a network of well-marked, long-distance cycle routes that link medieval towns and villages with unspoiled forests and hills, peaceful lakes and glorious scenic views. Hotels, inns, B&Bs, restaurants and cafés along the way are all bike-friendly. And rental shops offer e-bikes as well as regular models, so all generations and abilities can ride together.

Long-distance cycle paths


Long-distance cycle paths

SouthWest Germany has 21 specially-designated long-distance cycle paths. Some are circular; many start and finish close to railway stations. Each of these regional trails has its own unique logo to follow and all are at least 100 km / 60 miles long. Do the entire length or just a few stages. Regular maintenance ensures that everything, from signage to surfaces, is in top condition.

Read on for a selection of our favourites.

Medium • Long distance cycle path

Albtäler cycle path

  • 186.7 km
  • 21:00 h
  • 1450 m
Bike bridge

Medium • Long distance cycle path

Lake Constance Cycle trail: All along the lakeshore

  • 258.5 km
  • 17:27 h
  • 672 m

Easy • Long distance cycle path

Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Route

  • 156 km
  • 09:00 h
  • 746 m

Hard • Long distance cycle path


  • 304.7 km
  • 83:52 h
  • 1693 m

Medium • Long distance cycle path


  • 332 km
  • 23:00 h
  • 1920 m

Easy • Long distance cycle path

Neckar Valley Cycle Route

  • 374.8 km
  • 26:55 h
  • 671 m

Medium • Long distance cycle path

Upper Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Route

  • 365 km
  • 26:00 h
  • 2161 m
Panorama bei Aichhalden

Medium • Long distance cycle path


  • 287.4 km
  • 20:49 h
  • 2033 m
Südschwarzwald Radweg, Etappe 3, Laufenburg von der Schweizerseite

Easy • Long distance cycle path

Southern Black Forest Cycle Route

  • 268.8 km
  • 20:00 h
  • 1326 m
Ride and relax (Bett & Bike)

Bed and Bike

Ride and relax (Bett & Bike)

Thinking of spending a few days in the saddle? For multi-day tours, numerous "Bed & Bike" hotels, inns, apartments, and guesthouses that offer hearty local dishes as well as a relaxing night's sleep. From A-Z, from Aalen to Zwingenberg, Bett & Bike logos indicating cozy accommodations that are geared specifically to the needs of cyclists.

Climb every mountain - on an e-bike

E-Bikes and more

Climb every mountain - on an e-bike

Electric bikes, called e-bikes in Germany, are the hot new way to enjoy the uplands. The extra boost you get from an attached electric engine enables you to climb hills, letting the engine do the work. Furthermore, the e-bike gives your performance an extra boost. The Black Forest, Tauber Valley, and Heilbronn Country provide you with several stores ready to lend these motorized bicycles. Not yet convinced? Since it is a clean electric motor, it is environmentally friendly and you don’t need a driver’s license!