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Die Sonne scheint durch die Bäume auf der Hotzenwegrunde bei Schluchsee
The Beneficial Effects of Earth, Water, and Air

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The Beneficial Effects of Earth, Water, and Air

The spas and health resorts in Baden-Württemberg use the effects of earth, water, and air. These healthy and relaxing offers are (almost) on your doorstep. We take you on a journey into the world of natural remedies.

Lake Federsee near Bad Buchau in Upper Swabia

Lake Federsee near Bad Buchau in Upper Swabia | © Dietmar Denger


Footbridge and viewing platform in the Lake Federsee

The footbridge at Lake Federsee is unique, running over the marshy moorland through reeds and wet meadows to the viewing platform on the lake | © Dietmar Denger

| © Dietmar Denger
Earthy Connections


Earthy Connections

Mud packs, peat baths and clay wraps: Mother Earth is good for you. Mud baths were known for their healing properties as far back as the 14th century. The organic acids and minerals in the mud work naturally to fight inflammation and strengthen the immune system. And the warmth of the mud is good, too. It relaxes tired muscles and stimulates the metabolism and circulation. In addition to moor mud, other natural substances are also in vogue today: fango, silt, loam and lime. In SouthWest Germany, treatments at spas and resorts tap into many of the earth’s natural benefits. Do you know how nice it is to walk barefoot on the soft forest floor? Or how soothing a mud bath is? These are just some examples. For more, please read on.

Wading through the moor mud at Lake Federsee near Bad Buchau in Upper Swabia

Wading through the moor mud at Lake Federsee near Bad Buchau in Upper Swabia | © Stefan Kuhn Photography

Being barefoot is the best way to connect with the earth

Being barefoot is the best way to connect with the earth | © TMBW, Düpper

☀ TIPS ☀ 

BAD BUCHAU: The mineral and mud spa at Lake Federsee combines the power of earth and water.

BAD WURZACH: In the Vitalium spa, you can take a mud bath in an old-fashioned wooden tub. Or have a health check. Or a glass of champagne.

Water: the Elixir of Life


Water: the Elixir of Life

Water is the key to wellbeing: it flows and refreshes; it warms and cleanses. It also heals. Float in warm, mineral-rich spa water and your body feels light; you relax. The Romans knew about the beneficial effects of water and built thermal baths using hot spring water that gurgled out of the ground. In present-day SouthWest Germany, they found many of these springs and built spas above them. Today, no other region of Germany boasts as many high-quality spas and health resorts. In the thermal and brine baths, you benefit from the minerals, trace elements and saltwater/brine. Different spas have different specialities. Here are some examples:

With 56 spas and health resorts, Baden-Württemberg is the number 1 spa state in Germany | © TMBW, Düpper

Thermalbad in Bad Wildbad von innen. Um ein Wasserbecken sind hohe Säulen mit schmuckvoll verzierten Wänden und einer Statue in der Mitte des Pools.

Relaxation in the "Palais Thermal" spa in Bad Wildbad | © TMBW, Düpper

Therme in Bad Krozingen von innen. In der Mitte des Beckens stehen ein Mann und eine Frau.

The cupola of the “Vita Classica” spa in Bad Krotzingen | © Matthias Osti

Eine Frau ist in einem Pool und hält sich mit ihren Armen am Rand fest. Sie hat ihre Augen geschlossen.

Relaxing in the “Cassiopeia” Spa in Badenweiler | © BTT, Christoph Nertz


BAD SCHÖNBORN: The “Natürlich erholt” package includes 2 hotel nights, 2 Sole-Heilbad spa visits and a salt cave session. Bad Schönborn is located near Heidelberg. More information

BAD WILDBAD: The “Königlich Träumen” package includes 2 hotel nights, a visit to the Palais Thermal spa, a visit to the Vital Therme, a massage and a ride with the Sommerberg cable car. Bad Wildbad is located in the Enztal valley, west of Stuttgart. More information

☀ TIP ☀ 

Combine your wellness holiday with pleasurable experiences and sightseeing. Unwind in our beautiful natural landscapes. Relax by hiking and cycling in the vineyards. Enjoy a visit to our countless excursion destinations and picturesque towns. An overnight stay in one of our certified Wellness Stars accommodations is guaranteed to round off your wellness holiday.

Not All Air is the Same

Climatic health resorts

Not All Air is the Same

Whether you are high in the Black Forest or trying tunnel therapy underground, you can breathe more deeply, recharge your batteries and improve your health. The fresh forest air at the high altitudes of the Black Forest enhances our wellbeing. In the depths of the healing tunnels, on the other hand, there are balanced temperatures with constant humidity, which can heal body and soul. The 20 climatic health resorts in Baden-Württemberg have a therapeutically effective climate that promotes stimulation and recuperation and has an equally beneficial effect on health. Our immune system is trained, allergies and asthma are alleviated. The high-quality criteria in terms of climate and location that must be met to receive the title of climatic health resort ensure a high recreational value for our guests. The air quality is, of course, constantly monitored. So, start by taking a deep breath; feel stress disappear into thin air.

Zahlreichen Premium- und Qualitätswege durchziehen den Wandersüden Baden-Württemberg.
The fresh forest air in the Black Forest is good for body and soul | © TMBW, Foto: Christoph Düpper
Thanks to the healing climate at Lake Schluchsee in the Black Forest a particularly deep breath of fresh air can be taken
Thanks to the healing climate at Lake Schluchsee in the Black Forest a particularly deep breath of fresh air can be taken | © Dietmar Denger
Eine Person liegt in einem Solebad auf einer Liege und entspannt sich.

Relaxing in the Dead Sea Salt Grotto in the “Solymar” spa in Bad Dürrheim | © TMBW, Raatz

☀ TIPS ☀ 

SCHÖNWALD: The Geniesserpfad trail in the heart of the Black Forest is 11 km / 7 miles long. Walk; switch off; listen. Try forest bathing. Take a green break. Breathe in pure air.       

NEUBULACH: In the Northern Black Forest, try tunnel therapy underground in a ‘healing gallery’. The pollen-free environment alleviates allergies and breathing ailments. Listen to meditative gongs; do breathing exercises.

Health Resorts, Spas, and Thermal Baths


Health Resorts, Spas, and Thermal Baths

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