Hotel Bareiss

Hotel Bareiss_Außenansicht Naturschwimmteich

This is the holiday you have always dreamed about. Under broad blue skies and endless sunshine, relax in the hotel's giant swimming pools, both indoors and out, the elegant gardens, the natural beach and the Bistro “Oase”.

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Hotel Bareiss_Meerwasser Außenbecken
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Hotel Bareiss_Außenansicht Naturschwimmteich

What makes the Bareiss so special?

Is it the rooms that are tastefully elegant yet cozy? Is it the quality of the cuisine in the hotel, with its three à la carte restaurants and, above all, the 3-star Restaurant Bareiss? Or is it the spacious Wellness & Spa, with its relaxing lounge and living room area? Or perhaps, it is the appeal of the “3 generation” holiday packages that bring families together? The pretty Children's Village? The cheerful Sattelei hiking hut? The historic Morlokhof, dating back to 1789?

It is all of these – and more! What makes the Bareiss extra special is the staff, always ready to listen and understand, to help and to laugh. That is what friendship is all about. And that is what real hospitality is all about.

„Us, the Bareiss family and our staff, all take great pleasure in being your hosts: with heart and soul, from morning to night, every day, throughout the year.“
 – Hermann Bareiss and Britta & Hannes Bareiss

Hotel Bareiss im Schwarzwald
Hermine-Bareiss-Weg 1
D-72270 Baiersbronn-Mitteltal
+49 7442 470