Typical Dishes


The cuisine in all SouthWest Germany’s regions is delicious, with culinary delights for every palate. Try typically hearty Swabian dishes, or order up specialties from the Baden region.

Maultaschen mt Kartoffelsalat

Maultaschen, Swabian ravioli

Linsen und Spätzle

Lentils and Spätzle (Swabian egg noodles)

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Black Forest Cake


In SouthWest Germany, there is a wide range of dishes and cooking styles …something for everyone, in fact. And, when people talk about “Vespers,” they mean afternoon snacks, not a church service!

Good things to eat include:

  • Brezeln : pretzels
  • Spätzle: egg noodles
  • Kässpätzle : like macaroni cheese
  • Fellchen: a white lake fish from Lake Constance
  • Flammkuchen: a quiche-like onion and bacon tart
  • Maultaschen : Swabian ravioli, filled with minced meat, onions, spinach
  • Ofenschlupfer : apple pie
  • Rostbraten : steak and onions, with a red wine sauce
  • Schwarzwälder Schinken : cured, smoked ham
  • Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte :  Black Forest cake (chocolate, cream, cherries)