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Blick auf das Freiburger Münster

In the sun-drenched, green foothills of the Black Forest, Freiburg offers visitors southern flair and a positive vibe. The historical city centre is the vivid heart of modern Freiburg and famous SouthWest’s Gemütlichkeit.

Freiburger Innenstadt bei Nacht. In der Mitte verläuft ein Fluss. Rechts und links davon stehen Häuser, die beleuchtet sind.

Freiburg city center at night

Colombipark in Freiburg. Vor einem großen Gebäude sind akkurat angelegte Wiesen und Bäume. Im Vordergrund ist ein Brunnen mit einer kleinen Fontäne.

Colombi Park in Freiburg

Fassade des historischen Kaufhauses in Freiburg. Die Fassade ist rot gestrichen und hat zwischen den Fenstern kleine Statuen an der Wand. Vor den Fenstern ist ein schmaler Balkon mit einem Geländer.

Facade of the historic department store in Freiburg

Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen auf einer Dachterrasse auf einem Sofa. Das Sofa sowie die Tische bestehen aus alten Euro-Paletten.

Relaxing above the rooftops of Freiburg

Freiburg Cathedral as Starting Point for Exploring the City

The city's trademark is Freiburg Minster, which has a tower that is considered to be one of the great masterpieces of Gothic architecture. Around the Minster and the Münsterplatz square, there are quiet side-streets and impressive buildings for visitors to discover in the historical old town, which serves as a picturesque backdrop for the bustling, colourful weekly market. Freiburg ranks as one of the greenest cities in Europe. You can reach the top of the Schlossberg mountain conveniently in 3 minutes with the new Schlossberg railway, or climb up in about a quarter of an hour. From that vantage point you can enjoy wonderful views of the city and the surroundings all the way to the Black Forest.

Home of Music

Freiburg is truly a city of culture. Freiburg Theatre is at the heart of a lively theatre and cabaret scene that has an excellent reputation. The concert hall plays host to world famous classical ensembles. Renowned orchestras, like the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra are based in the city, and talented young musicians from around the world come to the capital of the Black Forest for outstanding tuition at the conservatory. Bringing a touch of extra variety in the nightlife and culture, the Tent Music Festival is well known far beyond the city. There are also many small stages in clubs and pubs, so you can find whatever type of music you like.

Home of the Queen of Vegetables

Freiburg historical city centre does not only serves as an ideal departure point for exploring the picturesque city or the sorrounding mountains of the Black Forest but is a hot spot for foodies. Small farms as well as individual farmers offer their delicacies on the weekly market. They dedicate themselves to the quality of the product and give traditional foods a new interpretation by adding brand new ideas and adapting international trends. The gourmet’s peak season starts at the end of April in Freiburg. Virtually all the restaurants in town serve the "queen of vegetables" for about two months – asparagus from Kaiserstuhl. Kaiserstuhl is known as one of the most fertile areas in Europe and grants excellent growth and quality. Asparagus goes particularly well with white wine, produced in and around Freiburg near the asparagus fields. Another Freiburg speciality is "Badisches Ochsenfleisch", a local beef delicacy served with horseradish sauce, beetroot and salted potatoes. "Leberle mit Brägele“ (liver with pan-fried potatoes) and "Schäufele" (smoked pork shoulder) with bacon sauerkraut completes the large selection of delicacies.

Ein Mann und eine Frau laufen barfuß durch die berühmten Bächle in Freiburg in der Altstadt. Links und rechts von ihnen stehen Fahrräder. Hinter ihnen stehen Häuser.

Freiburg is famous for its Bächle

15 Kilometers of "Bächle"-Fun

Freiburg’s streets and alleys are trenched with a network of small stone water channels know as "Bächle". These are fed by river water and accompany you on your journey through the city. In summer, a lot of local families and youths as well as guests gather around the trenches and search for a cool off on hot summer days. Join and refresh yourself.

Top Attractions in Freiburg

Top Attractions in Freiburg


City wall / gate Freiburg im Breisgau

Schwabentor (Swabian gate)

Freiburg Münsterturm © FWTM-Escher


Freiburg Münster (Cathedral) – Our landmark

Freiburg_Blick vom Schlossberg_Copyright Shutterstock

Observation point Freiburg

Schlossberg (Castle mountain)

Freiburg Schauinslandbahn © Schauinslandbahn

Mountain railway Horben bei Freiburg

Schauinslandbahn - Freiburg-Horben

Freiburg_Bächleboot_Copyright FWTM-Escher (6)

Old town

Bächle (gutters)

Freiburg_Unibibliothek_Copyright FWTM-Achim Müller (1)

Famous building Freiburg

Universitätsbibliothek (University library)

Freiburg Historisches Kaufhaus © FWTM-Schwerer

Famous building Freiburg im Breisgau

Historisches Kaufhaus (Historical merchants‘ hall)