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The Fantastic Road

Zwei Stocherkähne gleiten über einen Fluss. Im Hintergrund befinde sich eine bunte Häuserzeile.
A Journey along the Most Beautiful Towns and Attractions of Southwest Germany

Lake Constance, Hohenzollern Castle, and More

A Journey along the Most Beautiful Towns and Attractions of Southwest Germany

The Fantastic Road links some of the most beautiful towns and attractions in Baden-Württemberg. Seven places, each different in character and worth a journey in its own right, make a trip along the 250-mile/400-kilometer-long Fantastic Road an unforgettable experience: Weinheim and Baden-Baden, the wine villages Breisach and Gengenbach, and the pittoresque Mainau Island at Lake Constance are just a few of the highlights. After passing through the Black Forest and Lake Constance region, you will stop at Hohenzollern Castle, the ancestral home of German emperors. The route ends in the university town of Tübingen. To put it simply, this route is just fantastic!

Blick auf den Marktplatz einer Fachwerkstadt mit vielen Cafés und Restaurants.
Weinheim's market square with its cafés and restaurants spreads a Mediterranean flair. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
Ein klassizistisches Gebäude wird in der Dämmerung beleuchtet.
The Kurhaus, which also houses the world-famous casino, is one of the main attractions of Baden-Baden. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
Blick auf ein Münster und den dahinterliegenden Fluss, in dem sich eine langgezogene Insel befindet.
Breisach, with its St. Stephen's Minster, is idyllically situated on the Rhine River, bordering France. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
Eine Straße mit vielen Fachwerkhäusern, an deren Ende sich ein Stadttor befindet.
Gengenbach, also known as the city of towers and portals, has a charming old town with many half-timbered houses. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
Ein Brunnen mit einer Schwanenskulptur befindet sich in iner weitläufigen Gartenanlage die von Bäumen umgeben wird.
The famous Mainau Island in Lake Constance is a huge garden that blooms all year round. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
Die Burg Hohenzollern war Stammsitz des preußischen Königshauses und der Fürsten von Hohenzollern.
Hohenzollern Castle was the ancestral seat of the Prussian Royal Family and the Dukes of Hohenzollern. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
Zwei Stocherkähne gleiten über einen Fluss. Im Hintergrund befinde sich eine bunte Häuserzeile.
The best way to get to know Tübingen is to take a guided tour on the Neckar River in a typical punt. | © Black Forest Production GmbH
HigHlights along the Fantastic Road


HigHlights along the Fantastic Road

Weinheim at the Bergstrasse

Between Heidelberg and Darmstadt you will find Weinheim, the town of two castles, with its historic old town, Mediterranean marketplace, and …
Kurhaus Baden-Baden


“THE BELLE ÉPOQUE MEETS THE AGE OF INSTAGRAM” is the headline the New York Times recently used to describe Baden-Baden – and it’s certainly …
  • Cosmopolitan

Breisach am Rhein - Variety without borders

Breisach is situated in one of Germany´s warmest regions: On the banks of the riverRhinewhich is near the border to France, and close to Switzerland …
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Weinsüden Ort


City of towers, gates and half-timbered houses, romantic gem, Baden's Nice...
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Weinsüden Ort
Barockschloss Mainau auf der Insel Mainau

Park Insel Mainau

Mainau Island

  • familien-ferien in Baden-Württemberg

Castle Burg Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern Castle

Tübingen Neckar front with punting boat


The eye is pleased. Everything beautiful is related to each other - especially in Tübingen. City, country, river and people. Experience the aura of …
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