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A city hotel with history and tradition. Tastefully decorated. Elegant and quiet. Yet lively, thanks to its urban setting. Guests call it the “Colombi Feeling!”

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Rooms with a view

Freiburg is known for its famous cathedral, its beautiful, picturesque old town – and the Colombi Hotel.

Waltraud and Roland Burtsche own and run the hotel, with its 112 individually- decorated rooms and suites.

Recognised for many years with a Michelin star, Chef Harald Derfuß serves outstanding dishes in the Zirbelstube and Falkenstube dining rooms. And deep in the hotel's wine vaults are the real treasures of the Colombi: more than 30,000 bottles of 600 different fine wines. The oldest vintage dates back to 1934.

The Colombi is also the perfect base for excursions into the Black Forest, to the nearby Kaiserstuhl vineyards and to Alsace in neighboring France.

„A hotel can never totally replace your own home, but we do our very best to carry out all your wishes to fulfill your needs and make you feel at home.“
 – Roland and Waltraud Burtsche

Colombi Hotel
Am Colombi Park
D-79098 Freiburg
+49 761 21060