Mediterranean flair in the fan-shaped city


Karlsruher Schloss

What does Karlsruhe have in common with Washington D.C.? A legend says that Thomas Jefferson had initiated the fan-layout of Karlsruhe in Washington D.C., after he visited the fan-city which has celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2015.

Vor dem Karlsruher Schloss steht auf dem Schlossplatz ein großes Denkmal von Großherzog Karl Friedrich.

Grand Duke Karl Friedrich Monument in Karlsruhe

Außenaufnahme des Naturkundemuseum in Karlsruhe. Vor dem Gebäude wachsen bunte Blumen.

Natural History Museum in Karlsruhe

Schlosspark in Karlsruhe. Auf der Wiese sitzen viele Menschen auf Picknickdecken und genießen die Sonne.

Palace park in Karlsruhe

Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

Art Gallery Karlsruhe

Außenaufnahme des Zentrum Kunst und Medien. Das Gebäude ist sehr modern und besteht aus einer Glasfassade. Davor steht eine Skulptur.

ZKM - Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe

Green Fan

Karlsruhe was founded almost 300 years ago by Margrave Karl-Wilhelm von Baden. Legend has it that he saw the vision of a star-shaped city in his sleep and thus the idea of "spokes" was born. On the 17th of June, 1715, the founding stone of what is today the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe was laid. The centre consists of the Baroque Residential Palace, which is at the centre of 32 streets that lead to it like a star. This noble residence in Baden was appreciated by Voltaire, Goethe, Napoleon and Heinrich von Kleist. A city without ramparts, open to friends and guests - that was how Karlsruhe presented itself from the very beginning. And this is something that has not changed even today.
The unique layout of the city in "spokes" attracted international attention. The master builder Weinbrenner is behind the many classical structures that continue to have a lasting effect on visitors from all over the world. In 1823, the symbol of the city of erected - the pyramid. In 1825, the Technical Institute for Studies was opened and today is known as the KIT - Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. In 1950, the Federal Court moved to Karlsruhe and a year later, the Federal Constitutional Court followed suit. Karlsruhe thus became the home of the German legal apparatus.  Since the Federal Garden Show in 1967, Karlsruhe has held the honorary title of "Großstadt im Grünen" (City in Greenery) and has continued to expand since then.

Home of Law

The unique layout of the city is reflected in the almost 300,000 residents that call Karlsruhe their home: Here's where you can experience the sunny side of life! The southern climate is perfect for a relaxed lifestyle in the special treat of more than 800 hectares of parks and greenery, creating an incomparable atmosphere.
For over 50 years, Karlsruhe is the "Home of the Law". The highest instances of the German legal apparatus, the Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Court and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, are all located here. Many important decisions carry the statement "Karlsruhe Urteil" (Decision from Karlsruhe) and the whole of Germany turns their eyes to Karlsruhe when these sentences are passed. But that is not the only reason to visit the city. Take a look yourself!

Top Attractions in Karlsruhe

Top Attractions in Karlsruhe

Natural history museum Karlsruhe

State Museum of Natural History

Strassen 2022 KME Juergen Ro sner 004

Monument Karlsruhe

Market Square (Marktplatz) and the Pyramid

Special museum Karlsruhe

ZKM | Center for Art and Media

Botanischer Garten

Garden Karlsruhe

Botanical Gardens


Mountain railway

Turmberg’s Funicular Railway

History museum Karlsruhe

The Baden State Museum

Zoo/wildlife park Karlsruhe

Zoological City Gardens

Art / design museum Karlsruhe

The State Art Gallery