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Wellness Holidays in SouthWest Germany

Therme in Bad Krozingen von innen. In der Mitte des Beckens stehen ein Mann und eine Frau.

Whether you try Roman, Irish or Indian-style spas, wellness holidays in Southwest Germany are good for both body and soul. Here are some examples:

Lake view


Lake view

Außenaufnahme des Pools der Therme in Überlingen.

Stunning views over Lake Constance from the sauna garden at Überlingen´s Bodensee-Therme spa | © winfriedheinze.de

| © Winfried Heinze

Stunning views over Lake Constance are guaranteed from the spacious sauna garden at Überlingen‘s Bodensee-Therme spa. Between sessions at the Boathouse sauna, the Lake sauna or the Panorama sauna, you can stretch out and make yourself comfortable on the sun loungers right on the shore of the lake. On a clear day, the panorama of the Alps is spectacular. The massage deck is also outdoors in the open air. In winter, you can sit by a crackling log fire indoors or take a nap upstairs. Or both!

Lake Constance

Roman-Irish style


Roman-Irish style

Eine Frau ist in einem Pool und hält sich mit ihren Armen am Rand fest. Sie hat ihre Augen geschlossen.

Enjoy a day off at the Cassiopeia Therme Spa near Freiburg | ©  BTT/Christoph Nertz

In the Cassiopeia Therme spa, near Freiburg, the Roman-Irish bath combines two traditions. Steam and dry; water and air; temperature changes, from cold to warm to hot; the benefits of thermal pools; a gentle soap brush massage. All these help to stimulate the circulation, which is good for the body as well as the mind. Using special light therapy, you can experience the desert sun rising and setting – perfect when the days are shorter.


Four healing springs

3. Bad Mergentheim

Four healing springs

Eine Frau befüllt ihr Glas mit frischem Wasser unter einem Brunnen in der Trinkhalle.

Mineral water from four healing springs in Bad Mergentheim | © Kurverwaltung Bad Mergentheim

| © © Kurverwaltung Bad Mergentheim

Mineral water from four healing springs gushes up from below this spa town, northeast of Stuttgart. In the Brunnentempel, drink health-giving water from the Wilhelm, Karl or Albert springs – or bring your own bottle and fill it up. Bathe in the Paulsquelle pool. In the Gradierpavillon saltwater respiratory centre, the briny air benefits the lungs and calms the entire system.

Bad Mergentheim

Bubbling under

4. Bad Krozingen

Bubbling under

Außenbereich des Vita Classica Spa-Resort mit einem Pool und vielen Palmen.

The Vita Classica spa resort is a paradise for sauna lovers | © Matthias Osti 

| © Matthias Östi

In the Vita Classica spa resort near Freiburg, the thermal water is particularly beneficial. The fine, highly-concentrated bubbles of carbon dioxide stimulate circulation and help calm blood vessels and nerves. In the wellness centre, you can unwind as you try treatments from other cultures around the world. Perhaps a Japanese Bath? Or a Moroccan Bath? Or an Ayurvedic full body massage in an Indian Bath?

Bad Krozingen

From thermal bath to herb garden

5. Bad Ditzenbach

From thermal bath to herb garden

Enjoy the views over the romantic spa town of Bad Ditzenbach | © Region Stuttgart 

The romantic spa town of Bad Ditzenbach is in the Upper Filstal, one of the Swabian Alb’s most beautiful valleys. The Canisius spring is known for its highly carbonated mineral water that gushes up into the modern Vinzenz thermal baths, guaranteeing an invigorating, healthy soak. Tip: do visit the Kräuterhaus Sankt Bernhard, specialising in natural remedies. Tour the herb garden; buy health-giving products in the shop, made from local herbs.

Bad Ditzenbach

In the footsteps of the Romans in the Friedrichsbad spa

6. Baden-Baden

In the footsteps of the Romans in the Friedrichsbad spa

Das Friedrichsbad gehört zu den Thermalbädern in Baden-Baden.

 The Friedrichsbad spa is one of the thermal baths in Baden-Baden.| © CARASANA Bäderbetriebe GmbH

| © CARASANA Bäderbetriebe GmbH

Aqua Aurelia: This was the name given to Baden-Baden by the Romans, whose bathing ruins are located beneath today's Friedrichsbad. Even nowadays, visitors can relax in the warm thermal water. Under the magnificent cupola, you feel like a Roman yourself.


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