Discover the stars of the south


Even if the cities in SouthWest Germany with all their cultural offers, events, restaurants and cafés cannot be experienced live at the moment, you can join us on our digital city trip.Christine from the Travel Blog Lilies Diary will show us our beautiful cities – have fun!

First stop: Karlsruhe

The unique layout of the city is reflected in the almost 300,000 residents that call Karlsruhe their home: Here's where you can experience the sunny side of life! The southern climate is perfect for a relaxed lifestyle in the special treat of more than 800 hectares of parks and greenery, creating an incomparable atmosphere. Take a look yourself!

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Next stop: Mannheim

Mannheim is a city of contrasts; and the locals are proud of it. They have joie de vivre, a strong economy and great inspiration – anyone who comes to Mannheim has plenty to see, and will certainly never be bored.

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Next stop: Stuttgart

As the capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart hosts several world-famous cultural institutions like the multiple award-winning Stuttgart State Opera, the world-famous ballet, the State Gallery, or the Württemberg State Museum. 

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Next Stop: Ulm

On the banks of the Danube, the birthplace of Albert Einstein fascinates with its heritage as one of Europe’s most powerful cities in medieval times.

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Next stop: Heilbronn

Imperial history, modern art, and classic wine – the city on the river Neckar is full of life. Heilbronn is the wine-growing capital of Württemberg, and it is the centre of the largest red wine region in Germany.

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Next stop: Heidelberg

Not only Johann Wolfgang von Goethe appreciated Heidelberg over 200 years ago in his diary but also Romantic poets like Joseph von Eichendorff, Clemens Bretano, and Achim von Arnim succumbed to the magic of the city. And the list goes on and on. Mark Twain, Robert Schumann, William Turner... Heidelberg is the epitome of the German Romantic era.

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Next stop: Freiburg

In the sun-drenched, green foothills of the Black Forest, Freiburg offers visitors southern flair and a positive vibe. The historical city centre is the vivid heart of modern Freiburg and famous SouthWest’s Gemütlichkeit.

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Next stop: Pforzheim

Thanks to the founding of the 'Manufaktur für Schmuck und Uhren' (Jewellery and Clock Manufacturer) by Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden almost 250 years ago, Pforzheim, once the royal seat of the Baden dynasty, became the famous jewellery and clock city that it is today. And Schwarzwald is only a stone’s throw from there.

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Last stop: Baden-Baden

Beautifully located at the foothills of the Black Forest, this elegant spa and casino town and international metropolis of art and culture charms visitors from around the world. With its Mediterranean flair and exclusive lifestyle, Baden-Baden is a paradise for everyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

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