Sleeping in the wilderness

Ideas for extraordinary nights in Baden-Württemberg

Schlafen in der Wildnis

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STUTTGART – Anyone can stay in a hotel. Elsewhere, you can find lots of different adventurous places to sleep – such as in a treehouse, native Indian tepee or hanging tent. Baden-Württemberg offers not just lots of original nature, but also more and more opportunities to spend memorable nights in wild surroundings. We’ll tell you where and how you can spend a night or two in the wild south of Germany.


A tent in the forest: Trekking camps in the Black Forest

Camping in the forest is usually not permitted. However, you’ll be excited to know that the trekking camps in the Black Forest are an exception; since it is perfectly legal to pitch your tent here. Each campsite is provided simply with a fireplace and compost toilet, you will need to bring along everything else. Nature, wilderness and forest can be seen all around and form the only surroundings – and the nights themselves will also prove to be an adventure. Alongside six camps in the north of the Black Forest, there will be four new trekking camps along the Albsteig as of 2020, either at the Albsee or in Menzenschwand. With all campsites in the wilderness, there’s one thing to bear in mind: if one night outside in nature is not enough for you, you can get to the next campsite in just one day.;


Swinging in your sleep: Hanging tents in Schenkenzell

This slumber spot is something only for those who don’t get dizzy easily: At a height of 30 metres above the ground hangs a bright red tent by a wire rope above the Heubachtal. But if you muster up a bit of courage, the airy night high up will become an unforgettable experience. During the day, visitors of the Hirschgrund Zipline Arena will zoom right by you above the treetops. But in your hanging tent, you can enjoy full peace and quiet, since the area is accessible only to overnight guests. Upon arrival, you will be provided with a picnic basket and a GPS tracker for emergencies and receive a thorough safety induction. Then you can rock yourself to sleep all by yourself.


From tepees to ski gondolas: Black forest camp by lake Schluchsee

In one hectare of Black Forest by lake Schluchsee, curious places to stay await adventurous guests who can climb down to spend the night in the repurposed ski gondola “Giesla” or make themselves at home in the “Alfons” tepee. Tree tents also hang down between the trees at up to three metres above the ground. You can even sleep in your own tent or VW transporter. Wherever you spend the night: next morning, the glittering lake Schluchsee will entice you to take a dip in the cool and energising waters.


Dreaming in the shepherd’s wagon: Hofgut Hopfenburg

The Swabian Alps biosphere region has a long history of sheep farming. On the juniper heaths and meadow orchards, you may occasionally find old wooden carts that shepherds use to shelter from wind and rain. At the Hofgut Hopfenburg near Münsingen, booking a night in the shepherd’s wagon is very simple. Meanwhile, the campsite also offers other types of accommodation such as tepees, yurts or circus tents. All accommodation consists of beautifully restored originals or new buildings constructed according to old traditions. Anyone who wishes can also sleep in their own tent, campervan or caravan.


Above the treetops: Rosenberg tree palace

It’s not just children who dream of having their own treehouse. In the Rosenberg tree palace at Crailsheim, there are seven treehouses – comfortable, brightly coloured wooden houses on stilts at the forest margin. Although there are no cooking facilities in these curious holiday homes, you can still enjoy little adventures in the country and relax high up on the summer terrace. You can even request to have breakfast delivered, and the tree houses also have compost toilets. And those of you who’d rather not dispense with the comfort of a shower can find modern wash facilities on the neighbouring camp site.


A night in the hay: Keppler-Hof, Freudenstadt

Once you’ve dropped off, this wish will be fulfilled in the hay hostel at the Keppler farm near Freudenstadt. However, not only will the dreams of your children come true, your little ones will also get to learn something about life on the farm. This educational farm teaches urban children about the basics of agriculture and helps them develop an appreciation for animals and natural products. You can book a place to stay in the self-catered hostel, with breakfast or even full board.


Starting out in the wilderness: Camp resort in the Europa-Park

Anyone who doesn’t (yet) fancy spending a night out in the forest or the open air can still find an adventurous place to stay for people new to the wilderness in the camp resort of the Europa Park. After an exciting day, wild west adventurers can rest and relax in tepee tents, covered wagons or log cabins. Tucked away, you will feel like Winnetou and Old Shatterhand here (Native American characters created by Karl May). You don’t even need to sacrifice comfort: all accommodation has electricity, lighting, heating and even Wi-Fi. There are also modern sanitary facilities in a separate building.


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