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Panorama Trail part 1: Kurhaus to Merkur cable car station


3:00 h
9.4 km
460 m
536 m

Part 1 of the "Panoramaweg" round tour:

Kurhaus - Market Square - Old Castle - "Battert Rock" - Merkur cable car station

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3:00 h
9.4 km
460 m
536 m
Highest point
562 m
Lowest point
161 m

Specifics of the tour

scenic / geology / flora / culture


The starting point of the tour is the sophisticated Kurhaus with its famous Casino Baden-Baden. Along the charming Kurhaus-Kolonnaden we continue to Leopoldsplatz in the heart of Baden-Baden’s old town. With its narrow alleys, historically impressive buildings, old cobblestones and splashing fountains, you will discover everything that makes up Baden-Baden’s cityscape.

The path continues straight ahead, along the shopping boulevard of Sophienstraße and invites fashion lovers and trendsetters to an exclusive stroll through one of the most beautiful streets of the center of Baden-Baden.

Then, turn left and move towards the market square with its impressiv Collegiate Church, past the historical relics of the Roman bathing district. From here, it goes up the steps of the castle stairs to the terrace of the New Palace on the  picturesque Florentine Mountain. Above the monastery of the Holy Grave you find one of the most spectacular vantage points over "the smallest cosmopolitan city". Up till now Baden-Baden has already shown its best side and presented itself in every conceivable facet.

While mastering the following altitude meters you can enjoy the extensive park up to the „Hungerberg“ passing „Sophienruhe“ and Bernhardus Chapel and finally reaching the mighty walls oft he castle ruins of the „Old Castle“ of Hohenbaden.

The impressive castle ruins are like an eagle’s nest on the western edge of Battertfelsen overlocking the city and the beautiful valley of the river Oos. For several centuries this was the residence of the Margraves of Baden and later in the 19th century poets ,philosophers and painters came here to work and to find inspiration. The romantically located resort has been secured and developed for tourism since the 1820s – Baden-Baden’s entry as an extraordinary recreational destination of European rank. Hiking and walking – both have a great tradition in Baden-Baden up to this day.
Inside the Castle the restaurant „Fidelitas“ offers refreshment as well as elegant dinner in a special ambience.

From the Old Castle you walk along the ridge of the Battertfelsen. Numerous stone viewing platforms attract visitors, including the so-called Ritterplatte at an altitude of 488 m. continuing on the path through deciduous forests passing the lower Batterthütte you will reach „Engelskanzel“. After that it goes a little bit down to Wolfsschlucht where you find some rest and refreshment if needed at the Restaurant Wolpertinger and the Restaurant Wolfsschlucht.

The next site you will encounter is the „Teufelskanzel“ with a wonderful view into the valley and the Merkur cable car station where the first leg of the „Panoramaweg“ comes to an end.
But before you return to the city you should not miss an ascent to the local mountain of Baden-Baden, the „Merkur“. The famous cable car takes you up 370 metres steeply to the summit. The tower at the top of the mountain gives all visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the Black Forest and far into the Rhine plain to France and the Restaurant "Merkurstüble" with its impressive outdoor dining will finally end this magnificant hiking tour.