Der Bannwaldturm, eingebettet in die winterliche Riedlandschaft.
Observation tower

"Bannwaldtrum" (Bannwald tower) in the Pfrunger-Burgweiler reed

88356 Ostrach
Open 24 hours

The towers height is 38.8 m. On top of it a viewing platform offers a 360° panorama. While climbing the tower with its 219 steps, there are great views possible. Once you reach the top of the tower you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the reed. The parapet is made of glass throughout and is inscribed with the surrounding areas of the reed and the municipality. The Bannwald tower is a wooden tower on a concrete base.

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The rewetting of the reed leads to interesting changes in the forest, which have been made accessible and visible to visitors. The municipality of Ostrach offers insights and discoveries into the unique moorland landscape of the Pfrunger-Burgweiler-Ried from above - in April 2016, the Bannwald Tower was completed and is now open for visitors. It was built with wood - the most valuable renewable resource available in the forests of Baden-Württemberg. 120 m³ cross laminated timber modules made of spruce were used as construction and 500m² larch wood was used for the facade. The amount of wood used for the tower and facade grows back in 4 minutes. An exhibition of the ForstBW about the nature reserve is set up in the ground floor base. The tower is freely accessible at all time. The Bannwald tower quickly became a popular destination for hikers and cyclists who visit the reed and enjoy using the infrastructure around the reed such as the nature conservation centre in Wilhelmsdorf and the local gastronomy. 

The tower is located in the nature reserve and on the way of several designated circular hiking trails. 

It cannot be reached directly by car. Several parking spaces are available around the reed. In addition, a new car park for up to 30 cars has been installed in the reed at the access road to the tower. From there it is only a 20 minutes walk to the tower. You will find your way to this car park if you leave the municipality of Ostrach in the direction of Laubbach and turn right. The way to the Bannwald tower is signposted.


Free entry

Getting there

Via various hiking trails or after a short walk from the nearby car park which is signposted when you leave Ostrach towards Laubbach and turn right.