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Poststraße 36/5,  69115 Heidelberg
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The great love, a carefree life, true friendship ... All people strive for happiness. But where does happiness live? Why can we not get enough of it? And why can't we preserve happiness forever? The KÖRPERWELTEN Museum (BODYWORLD) in the old indoor swimming pool explores these and other questions about happiness.

It is dedicated not only to the anatomy of the human being, his organ functions and questions about health, but also to the anatomy of happiness.

Gunther von Hagens and Angelina Whalley present their exhibition about the human body, which was specially designed for Heidelberg, on an area of around 1000 m² in the former men's pool of the Old Indoor Pool. It is intended to remind us of what is our greatest asset: our own body. The aim of the exhibition is to show the visitor the complexity of the human body in a true-to-life way and thus to sensitise his awareness of his own body in all situations and phases of life.

The exhibition is based on Gunther von Hagens' invention of Plastination. The scientist invented the conservation method as early as 1977 at the University of Heidelberg and has since then continuously perfected it. His plastinates are convincing both through their extremely precise, scientifically based preparation and their creative, aesthetic and often unusual form of presentation.

More than 45 million people around the globe have already been inspired and fascinated by them in the BODYWORLD exhibitions, 10 million of them in Germany alone. Never before has an exhibition moved the public as much and changed their view of their own physicality as profoundly as Gunther von Hagens' KÖRPERWELTEN.

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