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Ernst-Eisenlohr-Straße 1,  79410 Badenweiler


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Already the Romans appreciated the healing effect of hot springs when they laid the foundation of a healthy bathing culture in Badenweiler nearly 2000 years ago. The artesian well gushes incessantly from the depths of the earth and being an acratotherm with its balanced mineralisation it is very agreeable for any need. To the present day the well-preserved remains of the once largest Roman thermal bath north of the Alps prove the antique origins of Badenweiler. Right next to it, the five stars awarded Cassiopeia Thermal Baths continue the long tradition of the history filled spa.


In the Cassiopeia Thermal Baths you relax in beautiful bathing complexes with a total water surface of over 1000 m²!


Award-winning Dome Bath, 32°C

A perfect combination of light and water. From the dome bath that won the German award for steel construction, you have a direct view of the Spa Garden. The water gymnastics/ aqua fitness that are free of charge for Cassiopeia guests also take place here.


Oasis of peace: Marble Bath, 36°C

Sensual ambiance, beneficial warm thermal water. You can relax wonderfully in the pool surrounded by columns with massage jets and two bathing grottos at a temperature of 36° C warm with floor sputters. Even more intensive is a bath in the Jacuzzi with bubble benches. Tip: have a few rounds in the cold water wading pool (12° C).


Outdoor Pool, 34°C

In the large outdoor swimming pool with a jet stream canal, massage jets and neck showers you can relax with the view of Castle Baden and the Spa Garden. Particularly nice in the evening under the starlit sky! After your bath you can make yourself comfortable on a lounger, have a rest, read or just enjoy the beneficial ambiance of the Cassiopeia Thermal Baths.


Water gymnastics & aqua fitness free of charge

Not only can you relax at the Cassiopeia Thermal Baths but by participating in the free water gymnastics and aqua fitness you can positively do something for your health and your fitness.


•Water gymnastics

• Mon - Fri* every half hour, 10.00 - 12.50 and 14.00 - 16.20 **

• Sat*: every half hour: 10.00 - 13.50 **

•Aqua fitness with Music (alternating programme)

• Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat* every hour: 17.15 - 20.45**

• *except 24th & 31st December and on public holidays, **subject to change.

• in combination with an admission fee (e.g. Thermal Bath 15,50 €) participating for Cassiopeia guests is free of charge.

Water gymnastics on prescription / filling prescriptions:

Mon – Fri 9.00 - 15.45. Information: Thermal bath cash desk or tel. +49 7632 799-200

Aqua Cycling

Aqua-Cycling is an endurance and fitness training that is easy on the joints. The particularly agreeable thermal water at the Cassiopeia Baths and the eminently suitable water temperature of 32° C in the Dome Bath provide ideal conditions. Risk of injury or muscle ache is extremely low. The courses take place in a separated area of the Dome Bath. Instructor: Dipl. Sportwissenschaftler (equivalent to a master's degree in sport science) Tobias Gary and staff members of our cooperation partner aqua-train!TM. Registration, dates: tel. +49 7631 172243,

Awarded five stars

The Cassiopeia Thermal Baths have been awarded 'five wellness stars thermal bath' in all categories for the fourth time in succession. It is checked by the inspectors of the Wellness Stars GmbH and the TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH on the basis of an extensive list of criteria.


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