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Elz Valley Museum - Waldkirch

Elztalmuseum,  Kirchplatz 14,  79183 Waldkirch


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Waldkirch is located on the German Clock Road (Deutsche Uhrenstra\u00dfe). Tourists love to make a stop here. They exchange the ticking of the clocks for voluminous sounds. The Elztalmuseum includes a display that reveals the whole spectrum of organ building. Some of these historic instruments can still be heard.<\/p>\n

This Black Forest town is a gateway to ZweiT\u00e4lerLand and is surrounded by stunning countryside. Freiburg is only 15 kilometres away. This relaxed student city with its numerous little brooks exudes a southern feel. But first we need to scale the heights. Because Waldkirch has a cumulative altitude gain of 1,000 metres. The highest point is at 1,241 metres. The Hausberg Kandel has no competition in the region. That is why this popular destination looks particularly imposing.<\/p>\n

The peak has always captured people's imaginations. The Kandel is regarded like the Black Forest's own Blocksberg. And it really is a slightly enchanted place. But instead of witches, you are most likely to meet hikers. Although it is also a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts, a veritable magnet for mountain bikers, climbers, paragliders and skiers. They all love the view from the top over to the Swiss Alps and the Vosges mountains in France.<\/p>\n

And it's not just in the countryside that visitors get a chance to relax. Waldkirch is officially a \"Slow City\", which makes it one of the most liveable environments. Good-quality, typical regional food is also part of this ethos. It is worth taking a detour into the Buchholz district. This stylish wine village (or \"Weins\u00fcden Weinort\") with its orchards and vineyards is known for its excellent cuisine. And the other Waldkirch districts have plenty to offer on the culinary front too. The perfect way to finish your stay in Waldkirch!<\/p>","geocoordinates":{"longitude":7.9617619514465,"latitude":48.093344775154},"highlight":true,"id":"b63f30ee-1cf2-4f57-baf9-431ab2592438","invisible":false,"latitude":48.093344775154,"license":"cc-by-sa","locale":"en","longitude":7.9617619514465,"name":"Waldkirch","sourceInformationLink":"","tipFamous":false,"tipHighlight":true,"tipIdyllic":false,"tipNatural":false,"tipOffTheTrack":false,"tipOnlyHere":false,"tipPopular":false,"tipTypicalForRegion":false,"type":"area","updatedAt":"2022-07-04T13:08:56","primaryCategory":{"id":"f1f04738-d0d7-46cb-9341-738fd4f8861a","n