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Already on his honeymoon, the composer Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy and his wife Cecilie visited the castle park of Hugstetten Castle. This park in the style of an English landscape park is today one of the most beautiful English gardens in the whole of southern Germany.Just under 5 hectares of the park are public and can be visited, the parts of the park in the immediate vicinity of the castle and the estate of the Teuffel von Birkensee family are privately owned and not open to the public.Text:

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What is an English garden?Until the 18th century, the prevailing garden art was characterized by austerity. Geometric axes, clear lines and ornaments were its hallmarks.Then, from about 1720, a new style of garden emerged in England. Gardens in this style were intended to delight the visitor's eye as "walkable landscape paintings." Winding paths, individual groups of trees, ponds and lakes as well as smaller structures such as pagodas, temples or grottos were typical. Targeted garden planning was intended to create the greatest possible naturalness.Text:

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