Blick vom Florentinerberg auf das Bäderviertel


Marktplatz bis Schloßstraße ,  76530 Baden-Baden
Open 24 hours

The Florentine Hill in Baden-Baden - The place where you are expected to do nothing!

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Because doing nothing here simply comes naturally. While daydreaming in the idyllic park, let the comforting aromas of the orange and lemon groves enchant you with their Italian flair. And don’t feel ashamed about being somewhat idle, the Romans, so it is said, did exactly the same here!
At the foot of the Florentinerberg, are the remains of town’s Roman baths. The well preserved restoration, showing a bathing complex that would have been used by soldiers, is well worth the visit. The famous thermal spring water, with its curative powers for body and soul, has its origins some 6,500 feet under this hill.


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