Weingut Gottschalk Flasche

Gottschalk Vineyard

Obere Entengasse 7,  79112 Freiburg-Tiengen

The courtyard of the Gottschalk Vineyard was built back in the late 18th/early 19th century, and has been passed from generation to generation ever since. Today, Maria and Gerhard Gottschalk run the family business, which has maintained its cultivation areas according to the guidelines of “environmentally friendly wine-growing” since 1988. 

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Award-winning wine, sparkling wine & distillates 

From mild and fruity to dry wines, various types of Burgundies, Chardonnays, and Merlots flourish in the Freiburg-Tiengen community. These fine vintages have already won numerous distinctions at degustation competitions. 

The Gottschalk Vineyard’s fine brandies and sparkling wine are also very popular. Classically fermented in the champagne bottle and matured in long yeast storage, they develop a very special taste. The G-Secco is distinguished by its carbon dioxide content of 2.5 bar. Carbon dioxide is added to the Chardonnay in the wine tank ─ before being poured into bottles ─ in order to conjure a gentle prickling of the taster's tongue.

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