Tiger Asim im Zoo Heidelberg
Zoo/wildlife park

Heidelberg Zoo

Tiergartenstraße 3,  69120 Heidelberg

With its wonderful bamboo façade, Heidelberg Zoo is one of the favourite destinations for the entire family.

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The Zoo was founded as the "Tiergarten Heidelberg" in 1934 by Nobel laureate Carl Bosh and ornithologist Otto Fehringer. Today, it is considered one of the most innovative zoos in Germany and is divided into five thematic areas. The focus is always the relationship between humans and animals. Impressive lions, tigers and bears, comical meercats, fascinating giant turtles, gorillas and chimpanzees represent but a slice of the many species on the planet. The main attractions include feeding the mighty sea lions, where the trainers also have the glittering creatures perform some tricks. The African Steppe, where zebras roam free with kudus, bonteboks and pelicans, is worth a visit. Opposite you have the extensive elephant area and the new elephant house, which has attracted attention all across Europe. Here you have the first herd of young elephants living in a German zoo. The four young and lively elephant calves are a real visitor magnet, just like the cuddly oriental small-clawed otter and the inquisitive bearcats, which are housed in an area right next to the elephant house. Children and parents can enjoy one of the best playgrounds in the region all year round. While you have a limited-mobility friendly carousel and trampoline in the middle, the play area for little children has play equipment and landscape elements in themes like steppe and jungle. In the food tent and the large picnic area, parents can relax while keeping an eye on their children. Awnings accompany the shade provided by the trees in the zoo.


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