Herb garden Reichenau

Im Klostergarten beim Münster St. Maria und Markus,  78479 Reichenau
Open 24 hours

In 1991, was the herb garden completely new constructed after the historic pattern of Walahfrid Strabo.

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The decisive impulses for the garden culture came from the Reichenau monastery. Here developded in the 9th century the "Hortulus" (little garden), the first advisor of horticulture in Germany. Between 830 and 840 the abbot of Reichenau Walahfrid Strabo created the didactic poem "De cultura hortorum ', in which he presented the herb garden of the monastery in detail. In 444 verses he describes 24 medicinal and culinary herbs and ornamental plants that are still grown in our gardens. In 1991 the herb garden has been reinstalled, after historical models within the old convent walls. The plants are described in detail by Strabo Walahfrid patterns.

To Visit:
The herb garden is open to the public within the old monastery walls. Guided tours are offered during the summer months. You find literature about the "Hortulus" in bookstores. Please contact the tourist information for dates of the guided tour "A garden like a poem".

Ideal to reach by bike from Constance or Radolfzell (or by bikeferry from Allenbachs)
By car: Take the Avenue on the island, the main road (Pirminstraße) following up to Reichenau-Mittelzell at minster St. Maria and Markus

By public transport: regional "Seehas" to station Reichenau, SBG bus 7372 from Reichenau station (mainland) to stop Museum, 400 meters, 5 minutes.

Seasonal: with ships of the line from Constance and all Untersee landing places.

Public parking at the marina


Free entry