Haus der Natur Gebäudeansicht
Nature house

House of Nature

Dr. Pilet Spur 4,  79868 Feldberg

An exciting and interactive exhibition on the living environments in the Feldberg nature preservation area. Highlights are the virtual balloon ride and the 3D show. Young explorers can obtain their ranger badge here.  

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Permanent exhibition – variety for the whole family

The co-existence of man and nature is the central theme of the vivid, permanent exhibition in the House of Nature. Many interactive elements appeal to visitors of all ages, encouraging a responsible attitude towards nature in a non-patronising manner. A special highlight of the exhibition is the “virtual balloon ride”.  

3D-show – pure fascination

Fascinating stereoscopic pictures allow you to experience the Feldberg nature preservation area and the Southern Black Forest nature park from a new perspective!

Changing exhibitions – something new all the time

Our regularly changing additional and special exhibitions on various topics always provide new incentives for repeat visits to the House of Nature.

The House of Nature’s special touch

The House of Nature also offers very different things for special occasions: Art and music, cabaret and culture, festivals and markets complement the activities at the Feldberg nature preservation centre.

Feldberg nature adventure for the whole family

The exhibition isn’t everything the House of Nature has to offer: The Feldberg Garden is a wonderful place to have a snack and take another look at many of the rare Feldberg plants. The wonderful nearby “gnome trail” in the Auerhahn Forest tells exciting stories of the gnomes Velt and Ferdinand as well as capercaillie Anton (particularly suited for families with small children; baby carriers can be rented in the House of Nature).

Tours of the nature preservation area

Experiencing the biggest (and possibly most beautiful) nature preservation area in Baden- Württemberg on a guided tour with the well-trained employees of the House of Nature is wonderful. Ranger and forester tours as well as many other tours provide this opportunity. And in the winter, you can experience the fantastic snow-covered landscape around the “Highest” in snowshoes – with local expert guides, of course. 


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