Mainau Island

Oppulent flowerage throughout the year, a park with 150-year-old trees, the Baroque splendor of the castle and church and the the Mediterranean character - that is Mainau, the Flower Island in Lake Constance. All seasons flowers, perennials, trees and bushes show in the most beautiful facets and colors, one of the largest butterfly houses in Germany, the "Mainau Kinderland" and comital and cultural festivals are visitors magnets.

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The center of the Island is the Castle of the Teutonic Order, in which lives still the comital family Bernadotte. However, for events and exhibtions it is accessible to visitors.
In addition to the beautiful palace and the long history of the island, it offers a great insight into the empire of plants. Whether in the Palm House, the seasonal gardens, Arboretum, or the Orchid show - the guests can enjoy the diversity and beauty of a wide variety of flowers and plants and learn about them.
The island is open all year round and can be explored on your own or as part of a guided tour. The parks and gardens are open from sunrise to sunset.


Hours of operation