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Longing to read that new book that you brought with you? All you need now is to find the perfect place.

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And where better than the idyllic parkland on the gentle slopes of the Michaelsberg. It’s easy to find. All you need to do is follow the water cascade behind the Trinkhalle. This will lead you up into the beautiful grounds, where you can recline on a sun lounger and immerse yourself in your new book. If you are not a bookworm, the park is still the perfect place to relax and while away the hours. Amongst the mature trees and rolling hills you will be surprised how quickly it is before you forget all about your normal daily routine.
While in the park, if you have the need to be a little more active, a visit to the nearby Stourdza Chapel is well worthwhile. It is a charming place offering a wonderful view of the town. And after this, if you are still bubbling with energy, why not start to explore the four mile nature trail (Naturlehrpfad), around Baden-Baden, that passes this very point. You won’t regret it.


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