Blick auf den Mindelsee und den Untersee
Nature reserve

Mindelsee Nature Reserve

Mühlbachstraße 2,  78315 Radolfzell am Bodensee
Open 24 hours

Lake Mindelsee occupies a prominent position in the ornithological world — a nature reserve since 1938.

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Mindelsee lies on the Bodanrück ridge between the Überlinger and Untersee Lakes, northeast of Radolfzell. Formed during the Ice Age as a water-filled depression, it is now an "internationally important wetland for wading and water birds.” The nature reserve provides habitat for numerous rare and endangered animal species including 700 different flowering plants and 120 moss species, ferns, lichens, fungi and algae.

Conservation efforts at Mindelsee Lake preserve plant and animal habitats. Up to 98 breeding bird species have been identified, as well as marsh insects, Adonis dragonflies, tree frogs, a few bat species and beavers. There are also 20 orchid species, each with different habitat preferences. The rare bog vegetation with sundew, fatty herb and mildew primrose thrives on the Bodanrück ridge. Visit the small exhibition that addresses conservation at the Möggingen Nature Conservation Centre.

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