Freiburg Museum Natur und Mensch
Natural history museum

Museum Natur und Mensch (Museum of nature and man)

Gerberau 32,  79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

This museum, geared toward children and families, invites kids to embark upon a great expedition exploring our planet's uniqueness and diversity.

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The permanent natural history exhibition takes them on a journey into the mysterious history of the earth: Were there really mammoths and how did dinosaurs live? Children can discover both those ancient giants and familiar animals of our time. Look closely and not only will you see beavers, lynxes and peregrine falcons, but also some very special Freiburg “locals,” such as the Baden giant earthworm or the bee-eater.

A kid-friendly exhibit uses minerals to explain the formation of our oceans and continents. Animal and plant fossils show the developmental history of life on earth, with a particular focus on the surrounding region of Baden.

The exhibits offer great variety, thanks to founders of the former Museum of Natural History, who started collecting nature specimens and ethnological objects in 1895.

Take your family on a time-travel journey into our planet's past, present and future!

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