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Museum of Wehr

Hauptstraße 14,  79664 Wehr

The museum of Wehr is located in the annex of the “Stadthalle” (venue hall in Hauptstraße 14).

Official content of Wehr

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It offers a tour through the history of Wehr

  • Geography of Wehr
  • The role of minstrel Walther von Klingen as landlord of the county Wehr
  • The Wehra valley as center of the lords of Schönau’s reign
  • Wehr and the Badische Revolution of 1848/49 as well as the arresting of Gustav von Struve
  • The peasant life in Wehr
  • Glass work in the southern Black Forest (collection of Dr. Franz-Josef Egetmeyer)
  • Industry of Wehr: Wehra AG, Weck AG and paper mill Lenz

The museum offers selected special art exhibitions throughout the year.


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