Historical building

"Old Train Station" - Historic sight

Beim Alten Bahnhof 2,  76530 Baden-Baden

Today the "Old Train Station" in Baden-Baden serves as the entrance to the famous Festspielhaus and is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the city. The reception building achieved a certain notoriety through the model railway kit offered by Vollmer

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Year of construction: 1892 – 1895

Baden-Baden was already connected to the railway network by a branch line in 1845. Fifty years later, when the station, built in the Swiss House style by Friedrich Eisenlohr (1805 – 1854), no longer met the increased requirements it was replaced by a new building in 1892 – 1895. A magnificent construction in the style of the Neo-Renaissance with elements from the Baroque was realised with a third of the building costs allowed to be used for the decoration of the facade with a light sandstone from the nearby Murgtal. In addition to several waiting rooms, the noble dome construction also had a princely pavilion.The station building was considered a representative entrance to the city.

When railway operations were discontinued in 1977, the station lost its original function. Since 1998, the old station has served as the entrée of the Festspielhaus (designed by Wilhelm Holzbauer) and is today a cultural monument of special importance.


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