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Palatinate Provincial Museum of Heidelberg City

Hauptstraße 97,  69117 Heidelberg

The Palatinate Provincial Museum is one of the largest cultural facilities in Heidelberg.

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Its collection includes unique artefacts about the history of the Palatinate region, which was one of the most influential German territories for centuries and was also part of world politics, until conflicts in the Thirty Years War and battles with Ludwig XIV that led to the Palatinate Succession War. A wide array of objects tell the story of a region and a people. The exquisite collection of Frankenthaler porcelain and silverware belonging to the last Princess Elector Elisabeth Augusta points to the pomp and splendour of the court, as also the uninterrupted economic growth  in the 18th century that was brought to a halt by the Napoleonic Wars. The historic change of the Elector Princess is apparent in a later portrait where she is shown as a commoner in simple, dark clothing. Paintings create a thread through the museum. In the Palatinate Region section, you have a kind of portrait gallery representing the leading figures of regional history like Friedrich V "The Winter King" with his wife Elizabeth Stuart, "Liselotte von der Pfalz" and Perkeo the court jester. The Archaeological section, divided over two floors, presents artefacts that are many thousands of years old. From the Old Stone Age (homo heidelbergensis) to its era as the Palatinate residence, the colourful history of Heidelberg is documented here. This region has been active for over 600,000 years in the history of mankind. The largest room is that of the Roman Era. Hidden treasures are to be found in the picture collection which is most comprehensive collection of its kind in south-western Germany. With around 7,000 water colours and 13,000 prints, the collection has pieces from the Middle Ages, all the way to 21st century. Works by regional artists are also well-represented with some amazing pieces like Marc Chagall's "The Blue Bear". The main themes of the collection are the Romantic era, the Palatinate Region, Portraits, Historic Representations and Leaflets. You can also visit the cabinet storage area on prior request.

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