Lenk in Radolfzell

Peter Lenk Sculpture

The building sculpture by the Bodman artist Peter Lenk is located on the nautical mile between the old town and seemaxx Outlet Center.

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The sculpture bears the title "Battle for Europe" and is described by the artist himself:

We live in prosaic times

Who today still thinks of the Greek myth when he speaks of Europe?
Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Olympic laughter, where have they gone?
Greek bankruptcy, debt cuts, billions in aid are today's buzzwords.

Money, money, money has displaced the gods.

The financial markets are stealing people's time, the time spent in toilets has to be checked, the siesta has to be abolished.
Politicians, bankers and managers suck, suck and munch on Europe's breasts under the sign of neoliberalism.

There is no alternative.

Europe's states are milked by a technocratic elite that has neither the imagination of Zeus nor the sensuality of Europe.

Peter Lenk’s sculptures are located in many towns and communities on the western shores of Lake Constance. The most famous isImperiaon the Constance harbour.

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