Privatgarten Sylvia Koß – Naturwerkstatt-Bodensee

Am Kirchensprengel 16,  88048 Friedrichshafen

This natural garden is located on the outskirts of Friedrichshafen in the district Ettenkirch.
The garden is home to over 80 medicinal plants that are partially signposted.

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Surrounded by many shrubs such as hawthorn, dogwood, viburnum and a stone wall bordering the garden of a private residence. To the north is a 5 meter long raised bed, which was designed on two floors with an integrated workspace. Next to it is a fragrant herb spiral with mostly Mediterranean herbs and a small greenhouse.

In the eastern part of the garden there is a tree and a plum tree Mirabelle, intervening grow raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and many medicinal plants. Here is also a small garden shed wood. There are many wild bees nest boxes are attached and you can just watch the little Brummer from spring to autumn.

The southern part of the garden bordered by a mixed hedgerow birds. Here is also a small stall in the 15 quail live. On the landscaped stone terrace live two bee colonies that are very peaceful to visitors. Here is adjacent to a large area, which was designed according to Greek tortoises with lots of stone, gravel and Mediterranean plants.

To the west is a pool, which is very well integrated, so that newts and frogs feel happy. Around the pond is much driftwood and shaded under the hazel and Ginko and many perennials Eck is a woodpile, which represents a suitable winter quarters for hedgehogs.
Since July 2016, the beautiful medicinal plant garden bears the pretty nature-in-garden-plaque and thus stands for sustainable gardening.
Special features: more than 80 different medicinal plants, nesting boxes for birds, nesting aids for insects, near-natural pond, tortoise pen, quail aviary, greenhouse, raised bed, herb spiral.
Mid April - end of August only with appointment.
Small groups for herbal tours are not possible.
By car: from Friedrichshafen Ailingen and Waltenweiler after Ettenkirch
By public transport: bus and boat: from the ferry terminal in Friedrichshafen can take line 13 directly to Ettenkirch to the stop at the Hotel Krone.
Train and bus: From the city train station FN can take line 13 directly to Ettenkirch to the stop at the Hotel Krone.
Parking at the cemetery in Ettenkirch