Rose Society Garden (New Rose Garden)

Moltkestraße 3,  76530 Baden-Baden

You do not yet know this very special flower dedicated to the powerful symbol of love?

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To discover and experience this very special symbol love, take up our invitation to visit the wonderful Rose Garden on the low-lying slopes of the Fremersberg mountain. Then you will understand why the World Federation of Rose Societies presented the garden with the ‘Award of Garden Excellence’.

Arches of roses span the paths, flowerbeds and meadows covered with countless colourful blooming flowers everywhere you look and arbours covered with roses invite the visitors to rest on their compfortable benches and simply enjoy.

This is the place where every year an international jury of rose grower and experts is gathering to evaluate the new roses of the current year and finally award the most beautiful one with Germany´s highest honour for roses the "Goldene Rose" of Baden-Baden.

The Competition for New Rose Varieties in Baden-Baden is considered to be one of the most important of its kind in Europe. In fact, enthusiasts see Baden-Baden as the secret capital of roses of Germany. The Rose Society Garden can even compete with the renowned trial gardens in Paris, Rome and St Albans, England.

Important note:

admission fee: € 1,00 p.p.

Dogs are not allowed.


Hours of operation