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Society of Friends of Young Art e.V. - "Altes Dampfbad"

Marktplatz 13 ,  76530 Baden-Baden

In the "Alte Dampfbad", the Society of Friends of Young Art enables contemporary artists to present their works to a wider audience.

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In addition to promoting contemporary artists through exhibitions in the "Alte Dampfbad", the Society of Friends of Young Art also organises lectures, readings, talks with artists and musical performances.

The Society of Friends of Young Art e.V. was founded in 1955 by the director of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden at the time, Dr. Dietrich Mahlow, the journalist Dr. Leopold Zahn and the artist Klaus Jürgen-Fischer.

In the year it was founded, the Society had 75 members. Today (2019) there are 422, including 296 artists.

The members are recruited not only from the region, but from the entire Federal Republic of Germany and from neighbouring countries, especially from France and Switzerland.

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The Old Steam Bath at the Market Square can only be accessed by car to a limited extent. Parking spaces in the Vincentigarage or in the Wagner car park are only a few minutes walk away.

There is a bus stop near the Market Square in Leopoldstrasse but the busses don´t run on Sunday and on Saturday afternoon.