Stadtgarten Singen

Schaffhauser Straße,  78224 Singen
Open 24 hours

The historic town garden with its island location in the Hegauer Aach boasts old trees, exotic summer plants, works of art and a herb garden.

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The historical city garden of the Hegaumetropole Singen is centrally located, yet at the edge of the city. The park, built in 1909 on an island between the river Aach and the Mühlenkanal, features old trees, exotic summer plants and a true flowering sea in spring. Here you can relax your soul, look for a secluded spot under the shade of the mammoth trees and observe waterfowl.
The new municipal park borders the Stadtgarten with its extensive grassy and perennial beds and extensive orchards. Since the Landesgartenschau 2000, there are works of art in lush greenery. In the park is the Schaffhauser Kräutergarten (open May-October from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm), which was donated by the town of Schaffhausen on the occasion of the Landesgartenschau.
In order to permanently preserve the Singen municipal park, the Förderverein Stadtpark Singen eV was founded in November 2001.
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