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Straußen-Farm /Keller´s Hofladen, Weilheim- Außer-Ay

Außer-Ay ,  79809 Weilheim-Ay

The only ostrich farm in the Ferienwelt-Südschwarzwald.

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Since the spring of 2014, the farm shop of the basement in addition to family Keller in Außer-Ay, has been extended by an ostrich farm. Three "Ostrich couples", always belongs to a cock and two hens are kept for breeding. Beginning of May saw the beginning of ostrich chicks into the world. Since that time, the ostrich ladies every 1-2 days to lay an egg. After the eggs are laid for about 40 days in the incubator. The offspring will be used on their own farm.

The sight of the many small ostriches, thrilled every visitor.
An ostrich breeding can be up to 40 years old and placed in these years an egg almost every day. An ostrich egg weighs about 1.3 pounds and contains about 20 to 25 chicken eggs. The eggs are placed depending on the weather from March to October.
Presumably, it is possible from autumn 2015 to purchase fresh ostrich meat from our own breeding in Keller's farm shop.
For more information contact directly with the Keller family in Außer -Ay.



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