Streitköpflesee (Bali) Linkenheim

Streitköpflesee ("Bali") Linkenheim

Friedrichstaler Straße ,  76351 Linkenheim-Hochstetten

The Streitköpflesee, also called Baggersee Linkenheim ("BaLi"), is a popular place for swimmers and divers.

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  • Sandy beach
  • It is only allowed to bring dogs to the parking area
  • It is forbidden to make a barbecue at the lake
  • A kiosk offers food and drinks
  • Toilets are available
  • For diving you need a diving license

Please do not feed the water birds!

Fee for the parking lot (Day ticket):

Car                       € 5.00

Motorcylce              € 2.50 

Camper                  € 10.00

Route description

You have to go from Karlsruhe to the B36 in the direction to Linkenheim. Leave the road at Linkenheim-Süd and follow the road. After crossing the tram rails you have to follow the road until you reach a big chestnut tree. Than follow the sign "Badeseen".


Free entry